The First Time I Feared For My Life

Part 3

There were two people behind me, in the living room. One was my mother, softly sobbing, trying desperately not to make noise. The other was not a person at all. It was whispering to her, but in a voice too deep to be human. I couldn’t hear it, but I could feel the vibration in my ears and in the floor beneath my bare toes.  I could feel the sorrow it emitted from deep inside the walls of the house.

Then, from downstairs came a loud bang, like a door slamming. I fell back and caught myself on the palms of my hands as my mother began to scream from the living room. I heard her open the front door and slam it behind her. From the bottom of the stairs came footsteps, stomping on each stair, speeding up with each step. I backed up as far as I could and as I closed my eyes the noise stopped.

To be continued.


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